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If you are interested in submitting a blog post, please use the contact us page on the website and a committee member will be in touch. In this preliminary interest, please denote the topic or area you will be writing about. We encourage you to discuss how your post may be relevant to a specific topic linked to the overall blog.

Before submitting a post for consideration, authors are encouraged to review content recently published on our blog to get a sense of both the style and content that we are looking for to generate fruitful and honest discussions and dialogue. The most successful posts are written to be accessible to the wide range of readers. We encourage authors not to shy away from complex or specialized topics, but to explain those topics in a manner understandable to readers interested in who may not be completely versed in the particular area being discussed.

Blog Submission Guidelines

  • Submit posts as a Word document (posts should be 300-900 words)
  • Include a title
  • Include author bio(s) or links to same (unless you have already supplied these for previous posts)
  • Please indicate any conflicts of interests that would not be obvious from the authors’ bios or the text of the post; this would include any funding sources, as well as undisclosed affiliations that are relevant to the subject/content of your post)
  • If applicable, attach images in JPEG, TIFF, or PNG format with captions
  • Embed hyperlinks (URLs) in the text instead of using endnotes or footnotes
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